CDN Traffic Spikes and Hooliganary

Earlier this year our content delivery network Limelight sent us a huge bill saying it was due to traffic spikes. In our business we don’t have a lot of control on traffic. If a partner wants to run our ads they do. Even if its gigabytes per second. I did some research and the competing CDNs I checked did not have spike clauses. They charge by the byte and want us to use as many bytes as possible.

After a lot of back and forth and headaches Limelight finally let us out of that bill. They also took the spike clause out of our contract. Thanks, Limelight!

While we are on the topic of CDNs, Carpathia recently showed up at our New York office. They told our office manager they had a meeting scheduled with our VP of Engineering and yours truly. That was strange because the two of us work out of San Francisco! Apparently they had added meeting requests to our calendars via email.

They promptly left the office and then sent us new meeting requests. I guess we need to decline the requests if we don’t want them to show up. The offenders from Carpathia are Dave Stinson and Jon Greaves.


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