Fastest CDN to Sacramento

I tested content delivery to a server we have at Engine Yard in Sacramento.

We are testing CDN’s for our flash delivery so I tested with a 160kb swf file. Media Temple doesn’t claim to be a CDN but I tested it anyways on it’s budget grid server. Panther and Edgecast are CDNs. I did all testing using apache bench from a slice in Engine Yard cluster EY01. The Intranet test was with content from a slice in their cluster EY02. This was a baseline since the servers are probably only meters from each other. S3’s latency is a big reason we’re looking for a good CDN.

.mac was the surprise contender and they only cost $100 a year. Perhaps we were just geographically lucky. They limit to 100gb a month and we hope to be serving more flash than that so .mac is not a realistic solution. Their consumer agreement is not sufficient as well but in reality neither is S3’s.

I tested 10,000 requests with a concurrency of 10. I repeated the ~4 minute test to make sure numbers were settled. The huge bias was location and perhaps time of day. Tests were done at noon on 8/27/08.

Conclusion: the two CDNs performed better than the non-CDN delivery. This data isn’t fair nor significant enough to rule one CDN better than the other.


3 Responses to Fastest CDN to Sacramento

  1. Matt Palmer says:

    (Disclaimer: EY employee, although with no authority to speak on behalf of the company)

    That’s some interesting results. I’m surprised at how low S3’s performance was — it’s widely touted as the way to go. The .mac looks pretty good, too.

    The thing that really interests me, though, is your EY “internal” test — as it turns out, ey02 and ey03 aren’t next to each other — ey02 is in California, while ey03 is in New Jersey. There’s also no dedicated backhaul between the two sites (yet). So, we’re doing pretty well in the performance stakes, all things considered…

  2. Chris Hobbs says:

    Oops, I misspoke. Apache Bench ran on a slice on EY01 and the Engine Yard test was to a slice on EY02. Both clusters are in Sacramento and in the same data center I believe. No Jersey representation yet!

  3. glen says:

    You should try this for amazon’s cloudfront…not s3

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