Spongecell in Vegas or Why Good Technology doesn’t always equal a Good Product

November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat?

Spongecell was in Vegas last weekend! I’m sure you’ve all seen Shakira’s Spongecell calendar on her myspace page by now. We were fortunate enough to get some face time with her, er, we ran into her in the lobby of our hotel. Other highlights were seeing Daft Punk at Vegoose and participating in MIA’s intimate performance at the Hard Rock benefitting breast cancer.

We did a lot more than just schmoozing with big names while we were there. Here is Blythe fixing bugs with me by the pool at Ceasar’s Palace. Also is a picture of James at the Silent Disco. His pic didn’t come out too well but I posted it anyways because it reminded me of a previous posting.

Ceasar’s PalaceSilent Disco James

We also were reminded of a valuable lesson while in Vegas: good technology doesn’t always equal a good product. We went to a Silent Disco. Everyone gets headphones and the music is radioed in from the DJ. I imagine that I could have liked this event. Unfortunately they decided to book the DJ from my high school prom.