Spongevox: Remind me to drink tequila tomorrow

We have a new feature for cinco de mayo! It’s ultra-beta so I’m discreetly posting on our tech blog.

1. Create a Spongecell account
2. View your calendar
3. Click on My Profile
4. Enter your cell phone number
5. Click ‘Send Test Message’ to make sure you entered your number correctly
6. Dial 415-692-3392
7. After the message, describe an event e.g. “remind me to drink tequila tomorrow”
8. In about a minute you should see the event appear on your calendar
9. Tomorrow you will get an sms reminder. It’s takila time!


This cool new feature is powered by Spinvox who was gracious enough to lend us a phone number. Spinvox’s translating power combined with Anthony Yam’s original Spongecell NLP let’s ordinary humans change speech into events.

You can also use this service to query for events. Say the word “today” to get an sms of today’s events, “tomorrow” for tomorrow’s events or “next” for a description of the next event on your calendar.


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